Get your cards graded!

Get your cards graded at Nutmeg Games! 


Nutmeg Games has partnered with The Grading Authority (TGA) and we are excited to offer a service you have been asking for: Grading Cards! 


What cards can I get graded? 

We accept Lorcana, Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, Sports Cards, and more! If your card isn’t on the list, inquire with us and we can work with TGA on your behalf. 


How do I prepare my submission? 

Download and fill out the form, then email it to us at or print it and bring it with you to the store. Make sure all your cards are in sleeves and top loaders for your submission. 


How much does it cost? 

You can use our pricing chart: 







Base Grading Price


$30 per card




$5 per card 


Holofoil Label


$15 per card


Flow Label


$7 per card


Sports Team Color-Match Label


$7 per card 


Local Pickup at the Store




Return Shipping


$10 for entire submission 




How often do submissions get shipped out? 

We ship out submissions every Monday.


How long does it take to get my card(s) back? 

We offer a faster turnaround time; approximately 20 business days (30 calendar days) from mailing date (Mondays).


What advantages do I get by grading with Nutmeg Games? 

We handle all the shipping to and from our store and work with TGA for you. Just bring in your submission and we will take care of the rest!  You also can opt-in for exclusive Nutmeg Games branding on your slab (only available when submitting though us) so you can show off your local game store pride! 


That all sounds amazing! When can I start? 

Right now! Download and fill out a submission form and come see us today!