Sort Your Cards

Let us sort your card collection! 


We all know how tedious sorting our cards can be; hours of meticulous alphabetizing, organizing them into boxes… it’s exhausting. So why not let us take care of it for you? 


Nutmeg Games offers a variety of sorting services for your Pokémon and Magic cards! Check out the table below for prices and services: 


Service Price per 1000 cards 

Sift Bulk $10 (Standalone service or add-on) 
Let us sort the bulk out of your trade-in! Let us know what your price threshold is, and we will separate out all cards priced lower than that threshold. This service can be performed as a standalone service or added to a different service as an additional fee. 


Alphabetize $20 
We will alphabetize your entire collection and return it to you cleanly sorted!  


Sort by Set + Alphabetize $30 
We will not only alphabetize your cards, but we will sort them in chronological set order for you! 


Drop off your cards, along with our submission form, today! 


All jobs below 5000 cards have an expected 48-hour turnaround time. Larger jobs may vary. Jobs under 1000 cards will be priced as 1000 cards. 


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