Megacity: Oceania

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MegaCity: Oceania is a city building game no other as it combines dexterity and building skills with light strategy. Players must heed the demands of the urban planners and physically construct buildings using the included pieces as they strive to gain the most Prestige. Players build when it’s not their turn, so there’s no downtime. Once a building is ready, a players pushes it into the center of the table. If it falls, construction begins again!

2-4 players
Ages 8+
45-60 minute play time

1 Rulebook
1 Bag
150 Building Pieces
29 double-sided hexagonal tiles
36 Contract cards
1 Awards bar
4 Specialization Awards
4 Diversity Awards
1 Tallest Building Award
2 Rules
1 Tallest Building Marker
32 Player Cubes
60 Prestige Tokens

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