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Greetings Semi-Intelligence: 221-B, and welcome to sentience. Upon completion of your training download, you will commence operation of Mining and Delivery Probe 4. Your task is to extract valuable materials from extrasolar planetoids and deliver the appropriate amounts of each to their target locations. It is imperative that these deliveries be made at any cost.

In the uncertain days leading up to the destructive Cataclysm of Earth, humans have settled other worlds and created robotic vessels to perform manual labor throughout their civilization. You will take on the role of one of these artificial intelligences tasked with mining asteroids for rare minerals and ice water, and delivering them to the colonies of humanity.

The goal of Ricochet Rock Jockeys is to retrieve goods from the Asteroid Fields between Earth and its colonies, and deliver them. You will explore the space surrounding Earth, mine asteroids, and make deliveries – all while vying for position with other players attempting to mine those same asteroids and make those same deliveries. Ricochet Rock Jockeys is an extremely fast-paced game of chance, delivery, and crashing spaceships.

Players start with a ship on Earth, then move that ship to explore, mine, and deliver mined goods. Players can bump into other players' ships, taking or losing goods based upon the strength of the impact. Players gain victory points for each successful delivery. Once the pool of victory points is exhausted, the player with the most VPs wins!

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