Gaming Events in the Month of April

Your local tabletop game store is more than a place to buy entertainment; it’s a place for discovery, imagination, and creativity. It’s where your next favorite game is waiting for you to find it. It’s a community, staffed with gamers like you, offering up professional commentary and experienced opinions to help you find the perfect game or gift.

The Nutmeg Games community is based on more than transactional exchanges. It’s a social hangout where people can meet up, play games, and make friends. For games like Magic and Warhammer, a tabletop game store offers players a space to play and compete in ways that just wouldn’t function at a similar level (or be as fun) at home.

While our tabletop game store offers a wide selection of games, collectibles, dice, and miniatures, from Dungeons and Dragons, puzzles, and Pokémon, we also host a friendly gaming environment where members of the community can gather to play a selection of our more popular multiplayer games.

 What are you doing in the month of April? Fill your free time with exciting new games and adventures with the Nutmeg Games community! We offer weekly events that bring community members, young and old, experienced and new, to teach, talk, and game together.

Start your Monday work week off with Magic: Commander, an exciting unique way to play Magic that is all about legendary creatures, big plays, and battling friends. Starting at 6pm, gather your friends or come solo and meet experienced or new gamers like you!

Rolling into the week, on Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm we host Role-Playing Game Night and on Wednesdays we have Magic: Modern game sessions starting at 6:30pm. If roleplaying games is your thing, clear your schedule for Tuesday evenings!

Thursday night is one of our favorites – board game night! From 6pm to 10pm join the Nutmeg Games community in playing a variety of new and old board games like Catan, The Oregon Trail, Monopoly, Scrabble, or The Game of Life! Bring your family, friends, and your favorite games or borrow from our demo shelf. Board games, card games, dice games, play whatever you’d like!

On Fridays, celebrate the start to the weekend at 6:30pm with Friday Night Magic: Draft, a game that’s fun for all ages and levels! Also featured at the same time we have a Yu-Gi-Oh Locals event where you can win prizes in competitions!

Make sure to free up your Saturdays, because at 2pm we have the Pokémon Standard Event. Bring a friend and be ready to train, trade, and battle! For our newer Pokémon collectors, we’re holding a 12pm Pokémon Trainer School event on the first Saturday of the month (April 2nd).  Also on Saturdays, we have our weekly Magic: Pioneer gaming event at 6:30pm. 

Finally, wind down the weekend on Sundays at 12pm with a classic game of Warhammer, a tabletop miniature wargame with an exciting dark future sci-fi theme.

Whether you’re a new gamer or a seasoned player, our weekly events are open to all.  Meet new friends to play with in-person or you can also join our Discord server to coordinate meetups, talk strategy, or just hang out virtually.  If you’re looking to branch out and explore more gaming options in your community, then our family-owned tabletop game store is here to deliver each night of the week!

If your schedule is rather busy, we still encourage you to come in and hang out and browse our collection! If you can’t play with us during our scheduled weekly events, find a fun game to bring home to play with friends or family members! Finding a great multiplayer or solo board game is a great way to get mentally active and get away from the TV screen, the iPhone screen, and the computer screen.

At Nutmeg Games, we pride ourselves on fostering an active and engaged community that cultivates imagination and creativity together. One of the great benefits of choosing gaming as a hobby is that it doesn’t have to have recurring entertainment costs if you don’t want it to. When you go out with friends, you may spend money on a round of drinks each time. But when you purchase a game, you can enjoy it repeatedly without any additional costs. A pretty solid investment if you ask us!

Find the next best game for you or join us in one of our weekly scheduled gaming nights. Find a source of fun, entertainment, knowledge, and a space to make friends who have similar interests! For more information, visit us online or give us a call at (860)799-6704. And stay tuned on our website for more events coming soon!

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