Buy List FAQs

This list should answer many commonly asked questions you might have regarding our buylist process. If your question cannot be answered by the following prompts or by reading our policy, feel free to contact us at with your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 


What does the status “Approved” mean? 


Our card slinging team will review your submission prior to it being approved. Upon review, the status of your submission will be changed to either “Approved” or “Declined”. This status lets you know that we have reviewed your submission and would like you to bring us your cards! 


How long will it take for my buylist to be approved? 


While submission volume plays a substantial role in approval speeds, buylists are typically approved within 1-2 days of receiving the submission.  Adjustments may be made by Nutmeg Games prior to approval. In-person submissions will typically be processed and paid same day, while remote submissions may take the full 1-2 days or longer. 


Can I bring in my cards prior to my submission’s approval? 


When submitting Buy Lists from home, we request that you do not bring/send your cards in to us until receiving an email of approval. 


How long do I have to send/bring my cards to you? 


Due to price fluctuations, we require all submissions to be delivered within one week (7 days) of approval.  Any orders not delivered within 7 days may be cancelled.


Are all submissions final? Can I change my mind after submission? 


To facilitate timely order processing, only customers who contact requesting results will be contacted before approval.  All other submissions will be automatically completed and handled by the card slinging team.  By using the Nutmeg Games Buy List Program, you authorize our teams to adjust card condition, set, and quantity as necessary to complete your order. Bulk submissions are not eligible for final confirmations. 


Do you buy cards of any condition? 


We buy most cards of Near Mint, Lightly Played, and Moderately Played condition.  We do not buy cards in Heavily Played or Damaged condition.


What happens if my order/cards in my order are rejected? 


Any cards rejected for any reason will be returned to the seller using the return address provided on the submission.  Return postage will be deducted from the offer total to expedite returns.  Should return postage exceed the offer total for the remaining cards, you will be contacted to collect return postage payment.  Failure to pay return postage may result in your submission being abandoned.  We will make three attempts to contact and collect return postage.  If the outstanding fee is not paid within 30 days, or if the return is declined by the seller, the order is considered “abandoned” and may be disposed of or absorbed into inventory. 


My card says, “We are not looking for this variant of this card at the moment”.  Why? 


Due to condition or inventory saturation, we may not be actively purchasing every variant of every card. Your card may still be eligible to be submitted in a bulk submission!


Do you contact me with the results before completing the order and paying me? 


To facilitate a faster processing time, we typically do not contact customers with their finalized totals prior to completion and payment.  If you wish to be contacted prior to payment, please follow our submission instructions, and inform us on the note contained in your package.


My payment received was higher/lower than the total shown on my submission.  Why? 


We adjust the total for discrepancies upon verification of your order.  Cards that are submitted with incorrect set, rarity, printing, condition, or other characteristic are removed/adjusted prior to finalizing your order, which may result in a different total being paid out to you.


The postal service says my order has arrived, but I haven’t been paid yet.  What’s the hold up? 


It takes our Card Slinger team 1-3 business days to verify and approve your order.  Payments through PayPal or Store Credit are typically sent within 24 hours of completion, which check payments will typically take an additional 3-5 days to arrive in the mail.  In rare cases, based on your proximity to Connecticut as well as mail delays, checks may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Do you buy non-English cards/product? 


Nutmeg Games currently does not purchase non-English card inventory.


My cards were all near mint when I got them, why are they being bought at worse conditions? 


All our cards are conditioned using our Card Conditioning Guide during the verification step by our trained Card Slinger team.  Cards may be conditioned at a better or worse condition than what they were initially submitted.  Sometimes this is a conditioning error when the Buy List was submitted, sometimes cards incorrectly packaged can receive damage during transit.  We urge you to be diligent when conditioning and mailing your cards to minimize the chance of discrepancy.


Will I get any of my packing materials back? 


Nutmeg Games will not ship back any materials used for shipping your Buy List order to us.  If you are dropping off your order at our location in person and wish to keep your storage materials, please let an associate know during drop-off and we will be happy to accommodate! 


What happens if cards I submit are deemed counterfeit?  


We take the issue of counterfeiting very seriously.  Counterfeit cards submitted to Nutmeg Games will not be returned and will be destroyed.  Cards will be shredded to prevent them from re-entering the community.  Depending on the severity and volume of the counterfeiting, entire Buy List orders may be cancelled for security.  At our discretion, submitting counterfeit cards may result in consequences including, but not limited to, a formal warning; suspension; expulsion from our online platforms, communities, web store, physical location; or investigation by appropriate authorities.


Does Nutmeg Games negotiate on prices or conditions? 


We do not negotiate on price or condition.  All cards are sold at the same condition in which they are purchased.  We do not price match other retailers.


How do I use my store credit?  Does it expire?  Are there any restrictions? 


Your store credit total can be found on your account page on our website.  When checking out, apply the store credit discount to reduce the total price in your cart. 


Store Credit does not expire.  It is non-transferrable and cannot be used for event entry and some other select services offered by Nutmeg Games.


Why was my order declined and sent back to me? 


Orders (or cards within orders) may be declined for several reasons including, but not limited to, late arrival, ban list changes, counterfeiting, strong odors such as cigarette smoke, and errors during submission.  The reason for the decline will be included in the notification you receive upon declination. 


What should I do if I forget to include my contact information with my Buy List submission? 


The information provided by within your submission helps us correctly track your cards and pay you in a timely manner.  If you forget to include this information, email us at with the required information and the tracking number, if available. 



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