Card Conditioning Guide

Card Conditioning Guide:

Nutmeg Games uses the following criteria to condition any inventory we sell or buy. Please use this guide to assist in correctly conditioning your own cards when using our buy list. We consider both severity of wear and volume of imperfections when determining the condition of any card. 


Near Mint (NM) 

Cards in Near Mint condition have minimal to no wear from play/packaging.  They should be nearly unmarked, free from almost all scratches, blemishes, or wear.  Near Mint cards can and may have a tiny nick or scratch but should overall look new and unplayed.  A few minor imperfections are permissible. 





Lightly Played (LP) 

Lightly Played cards may have minimal wear and some minor imperfections. Slight edgewear and tiny scratches may and can be visible. No major flaws or imperfections should be present. 





Moderately Played (MP) 


Moderately Played cards can have more significant wear, such as scratches, edgewear, whitening, scuffs, or creasing. These issues should not affect overall card integrity. If one of these more significant blemishes exist, they should be the only condition issue the card has. If more than one of these issues are present, the card is considered Heavily Played or Damaged, depending on severity. 





Heavily Played (HP) 


Heavily Played cards have severe damage/wear. HP cards may have small patches of whitening or darkening, as well as major creasing. Small amounts of water damage may be present, covering less than 1/3 of the card. The card should still be sleeve playable. 





Damaged (DG) 


Cards in Damaged condition have integrity-disrupting damage such as tears, water damage over 1/3 of the card, pen/marker lines, foreign substances, and similar issues. Prolific amounts of scratches, wear, bends, and scuffs can make a card damaged as well. 





Near Mint Foil (NMF) 

Near Mint Foils should be free from nearly all imperfections, including clouding, bending, scratches, or defects. Foils are held to a higher conditioning standard than their non-foil counterparts. 


Lightly Played Foil (LPF) 


Lightly Played Foils should show very minimal wear, including slight bending, clouding, and very small scratches or edgewear. Foils are held to a higher conditioning standard than their non-foil counterparts. 


Moderately Played Foil (MPF) 


Moderately Played Foils may have bends, clouding, scratches, and a little flaking in addition to any smaller blemishes. Foils are held to a higher conditioning standard than their non-foil counterparts. 


Heavily Played and Damaged Foils (HPF + DGF) 


Heavily Played and Damaged Foils are conditioned the same as their non-foil counterparts.