How to Submit a Buy List

Nutmeg Games has been proudly buying and selling hundreds of thousands of cards across the world. We have been working diligently to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We are excited to provide top-notch buying services for you! 


Below you will find our instructions for using our online Buy List including how to sell your cards, how to package your order for shipping, how to receive payment, and much more in our Frequently Asked Questions List. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to or call us at (860)-799-6704 between the hours of 12pm-7pm. 


Selling Card Singles 


Sign in to your account and click on the “Buy List” link on the banner at the top of the page. 


  1. Select the card game you wish to sell us singles for.
  2. Search for the card single(s) you’re selling in the search bar. 
  3. Add the correct cards to the sell cart.  Ensure the cards you’ve added to your list match in set, rarity, language, printing, and condition.  You can review your cards’ conditions using our Card Conditioning Guide.   
  4. Submit the Buy List order using the “Submit” button in the cart. 


            Selling Bulk 


            Approximate how many bulk cards you are selling and include that total as a physical note in your submission. 


            If submitting bulk from multiple card games, ensure the bulk is separated or divided between card games. 


            Our bulk trade-in rates are here


            Selling Sealed Product 


            For quotes on sealed product submissions, contact us directly at for more details. Please include an itemized list of all sealed products you wish to sell.


            Note: All items must still be factory sealed. We are not currently interested in individual booster packs.


            Selling an Entire Collection 


            For larger/high-value collections that would require additional preparation to receive or purchase, please contact us at to work with a Card Slinger directly.


            Card Conditioning Guide  


            You can find our Card Conditioning Guide here to help submit your Buy List accurately! 


            Packaging Orders for Submission 


            In-Store Card Singles 


            Ensure all cards are presented to the card slinger in the order of your submission, front to back, facing the same direction. Remove all sleeves from your cards to expedite the verification process.


            In-Store Bulk 


            Ensure cards are packaged in a container that avoids excess damage during receiving and allows for easy counting.  This can include, but is not limited to, cardboard card storage boxes, bundles/elite trainer boxes, cardboard storage boxes etc.  Do not submit bulk orders in flimsy/dangerous packaging, such as rubber bands, plastic bags, Tupperware bins, etc.  All packaging is assumed to be included with the bulk trade-in unless otherwise noted during drop-off.


            Remote Card Singles, including Bulk


            Sort all cards for your package in the order of your submission, front to back, all facing the same direction.  Cards submitted out of order will be processed after all correctly submitted orders and may lead to longer processing times. 


            Remove all sleeves from your cards with an expected purchase price of under $50.  We understand that you wish to keep all your cards in the best possible condition, but excessive packaging will add delays to your order’s processing time.


            Cards with an expected purchase price of greater than $50 may be packaged in a perfect fit and top loader or similar hard case.


            Cards should be protected in a form of hard-shell packaging to protect them.  This may include, but is not limited to, top loaders, deck boxes, cardboard card storage boxes, or bundles/elite trainer boxes.  Avoid packaging cards in any risky packaging such as rubber bands, paper clips, tape, or loose containers.  Ensure all negative space in your package is filled with some form of protection.  This can include, but is not limited to, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper. Remember, any damage your cards receive during transit will factor into your submission’s final price!


            While not required, we encourage you to submit your orders with tracking information and/or insurance to ensure your cards safely arrive at our location.   


            Nutmeg Games does not take responsibility for any package lost in transit to our location.  Any lost mail claims should be handled directly with the carrier responsible.  


            Include a note in your package with the following information:

            • Full Name 
            • Email address 
            • PayPal email address if you wish to receive cash payment through PayPal
            • Mailing address (Optional: Only if you wish to receive a paper check)
            • Phone number if you wish to receive a confirmation before finalizing your order.  


            Ship your order to us using the address below.  Please ensure to include an accurate return address in case of rejected cards.  Orders must be postmarked within 7 days of submission. 


              Nutmeg Games 
              Attn: Buylist – (Last Name) 
              178 Danbury Road 
              New Milford, CT 06776