Day Vs. Night (Magic Minigame) [Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Minigame]

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Set: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Minigame
Type: Card — Magic Minigame
Rarity: Common
2 players | 2 packs | 5 minutes

Become a defender of the day or a monster of the night in this rock-paper-scissors-style game.

Randomly determine who will use the power of day and who will use the power of Night. Each player opens a booster and sets aside any cards without Magic card backs.

Players look at their hands, pick three cards, and then place their picked cards in a face down row in front of their opponent's row. Players reveal the pairs of cards from Day player's left to right simultaneously. Winning cards are decided as follows:
• Red beats green
• Green beats blue
• Blue beats red
• White is always a winning card for the Day player, but it's always a losing card for the Night player
• Black is always a winning card for the Night player, but it's always a losing card for the Day player.
• Paired red, blue or green cards result in a tie
• A winning white card vs. a winning black card results in a tie
• A losing white card vs. a losing black card results in a tie
• A multicolored card is a single color of its owner's choice, declared after it's revealed

When a colorless card is revealed (lands are colorless), its owner immediately replaces it with a card from their hand before deciding the winner. Discard the colorless card afterward. If two colorless cards are paired, players reveal their replacement card simultaneously. If two multicolor cards are paired, players declare their chosen color simultaneously.

After all pairs are revealed, each player sets aside their winning cards into their own pile and returns all of their losing and tie cards to their hand.

Play two ore rounds. But for the third round, players lay down six cards. If a player has fewer than six cards for the third round, play with the same number of cards as the player with the least, discarding the extras.

The player with the most winnning cards after three rounds wins!

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