Amidst my fellow coworkers, all of whom have their favorite games and card sets and even play together on the weekends, I am probably the least knowledgeable when it comes to trading card games. I collect, but I've never played.

I've collected Pokémon cards since I was a wee lass, after my brother became too old to keep his own collection and handed them down to me. I still have the original binder he stored them in, decorated with adorable print out binder labels that say "Robby" all over them. 

When my brother became too old to keep his collection of Pokémon cards, he was also too old to play the game with me. Since working here, I've been compelled to learn a bit more about actually playing the game instead of just collecting. I think this weekend for my birthday a friend of mine is going to teach me how to play! I'm pretty excited to actually use my cards. 

But I'm still a collector at heart, so I'm happy to finally add a (well protected) base set Charizard into that dingy binder from the 90s.