July 29th Nutmeg Games cEDH 1k – Top 8 Deck Lists

July 29th Nutmeg Games cEDH 1k – Top 8 Deck Lists Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Saturday for our first every cEDH 1k and congratulations to our winners!


1st Place: Rocklind Martin - Jeska's Junkyard

2nd Place: Michael Joseph - The Gitrog Monster

3rd Place: Omarr Martinez - Tivit the Master of Ceremonies

4th Place: Adam Stahl - Tayam

5th Place: Benjamin Pesetzky-Brenner - T&K Gold Standard

6th Place: Matthew stasieluk - Stubbornly not playing Red

7th Place: Christian Gomme - Magda


8th Place: Joe Bulwidas - Messy Kessy