POWDR Rip n' Ship

 Rip n' Ship


Nutmeg Games is collaborating with Pokémon TCG Youtuber POWDR to bring you these awesome Rip n' Ship products!


You purchase these booster packs at a discounted price, POWDR will rip them open live on stream, and Nutmeg Games will ship the products right to you!

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Who is POWDR? 

@POWDR on YouTube 


POWDR is a local Pokémon TCG player, collector, and YouTuber who is a valued member of the Nutmeg Games community.


The POWDR YouTube channel is a haven for Pokémon Trading Card Game enthusiasts, providing a wealth of exciting content and valuable resources for players and collectors alike. POWDR is dedicated to the world of Pokémon TCG, offering viewers a wealth of engaging content filled with in-depth discussions about the latest expansions and strategies as well as the excitement of opening booster packs and witnessing the reveal of stunning holographic cards, powerful Pokémon, and elusive ultra-rare collectibles. With the Rip n' Ship service, now you can watch your own booster packs ripped open live on stream! 


Whether you're a collector seeking the thrill of unboxing rare cards, a fan looking to stay informed about all things Pokémon TCG, or a member of our community looking for a new form of entertainment, POWDR is your guy! 



What is Rip n' Ship? 

Rip n' Ship is a service for TCG cards that allows customers to purchase unopened TCG products and then have the packs opened for them live on stream.


"Rip" refers to the opening of the products, which is often done through live-streamed or recorded videos.

"Ship" means that all of the products you purchase are mailed directly to you in the same condition they were pulled from the packs.


Overall, Rip n' Ship services provide a convenient and engaging way for TCG enthusiasts to acquire cards and enjoy the unboxing experience without the need to personally handle or sort the cards themselves.



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Paldea Evolved
Booster Pack
Temporal Forces
Booster Pack
Twilight Masquerade
Booster Pack
Paldea Evolved RipNShip Temporal Forces RipNShip Twilight Masquerade RipNShip