We are gonna open a store, G!


Thanks for accepting your new job assignment.  I have some super exciting news - we are opening a new store!  Here are some things we are going to be able to offer our customers that they never experienced at our previous game store in Danbury. 

Better Online Experiences

Customers can now browse our FULL inventory catalog online - at home, in their boxers, on a laptop or mobile phone, wherever.  You can order online and pick up in store.  We can ship any product anywhere in the USA.  We can ship cards internationally.  We are looking at a local delivery option (during the pandemic, at least).  Customers can use their store credit to purchase items on the website or in store.

Event Ticketing

To couple with our improved online experience, and bridge to our in-store experience, we will be offering online event ticketing.  This means you can pay for Friday Night Magic on Wednesday on your phone while you're slacking off at work.  On Friday, walk in and sit down; we'll preregister you. 

Better In-Store Experiences

We are building two private gaming rooms.  Customers can reserve a spot in a private gaming room for a small fee or rent the entire room for 10 people at a significantly discounted rate.  Want to play Cards Against Humanity?  Rent the private room, shut the door, and enjoy your raucous game. 

We're going to cater to birthday parties and corporate events too.  Do some team-building while you're playing cooperative board games. 

Event ticketing also means we can reserve our event space for certain types of players.  If it's Board Game night, we'll allot tickets for board gamers only.  It gives us more control over planning, too.  If we see an event is selling out, we can make sure the appropriate staff are available.  We can flex our event space to allocate space for multiple events, without having to turn customers away.  If space is maxed out in our main event room, players can always rent space in the private room. 

Community Connections

While we will still have a Facebook group, we will be porting our community groups over to Discord server.  We will have rooms for each type of gamer.  If you play multiple types of games, you can join as many channels as you want.  We'll post event and product announcements and links in the appropriate channels. 


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