Once Upon a Time

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Step into the world of fairy tales in Once Upon a Time. It's full of wicked queens, talking cauldrons, and lucky boys who happen to stumble upon magic objects. But unlike traditional fairy tales, you control the action. 

Tell the story using elements from your cards and try to steer the conclusion toward your hidden ending. But beware — other players can take over if you mention something on one of their cards, or if you get stuck and are unable to go on.

The result? A fairy tale that could be funny, tragic, fantastical, or all three in turns. A distinctive play experience where the members of the table work together to tell a story all their own. A unique tale that happens once upon a time…

  • A series of family-friendly card games with gorgeous fairytale-style art throughout.
  • Players tell their own fairy tale using elements on their cards.
  • Themes can be all-ages friendly or more mature, depending on the players at the table.

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