Monopoly Fortnite Collectors Edition

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In this Monopoly board game, players can enjoy island life and immerse themselves in the colorful and creative world of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Moving around the board with tokens inspired by the video game, players complete island tasks and meet other characters. Instead of buying properties and paying rent, players collect bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit. They can also stop at Nook's Cranny and cash in Bells to buy decorations. Decorations are worth Nook Miles and the player with the most Nook Miles wins the game.

2-4 players
Ages 8+

4 character tokens
4 Skill cards
35 Decoration cards
14 Chance cards
14 Nook Miles cards
160 Resource chips
40 Five-Bell coins
54 Bell coins
40 Player markers
1 numbered die
1 Nook's Cranny die
Label sheet
Game rules

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