Raiders of the North Sea

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Raiders of the North Sea is set in the central years of the Viking Age. As Viking warriors, players seek to impress the Chieftain by raiding unsuspecting settlements. Players will need to assemble a crew, collect provisions and journey north to plunder gold, iron and livestock. There is glory to be found in battle, even at the hands of the Valkyrie. So gather your warriors, it’s raiding season!

The aim of Raiders of the North Sea is to impress the Chieftain by having the most Victory Points (VP) at the game’s end. Victory Points are gained primarily by raiding Settlements, taking Plunder and making Offerings to the Chieftain. How players use their Plunder is also vital to their success. The game ends when either only 1 Fortress raid remains, all Valkyrie are removed, or all Offerings have been made.

2-4 players
Ages 12+
60-80 minute play time

Game Board
71 Townfolks Cards
4 Ship Cards (in 4 colors)
16 Offering Tiles
12 Score Markers (in 4 colors)
18 Valkyrie
18 Gold
18 Iron
26 Livestock
32 Provisions
32 Silver
7 Black Workers
11 Grey Workers
12 White Workers
2 Averaging Dice
Black bag

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