Say Anything

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The Say Anything™ board game is about being as witty, weird, or wild as you want to be! Get everyone talking with this award-winning party game which offers an opportunity to be creative and have a hilariously good time. Learn how to play quickly and get started right away. Relax, there's no pressure to actually know anything. "Say anything" you want! Gather 4 to 8 players. A question is read out loud, and players write down their answers. The judge secretly picks a favorite, then everyone else guesses which answer was picked. Points are earned for being chosen by players and the judge. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Say Anything™ game is imaginative, hysterical fun and perfect for an adult party or family game night with teens!

4-8 players
Ages 13+

80 cards with 400 questions
8 dry erase answer boards
8 dry erase pens
16 tokens
1 dry erase scoreboard
1 full color rules

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