Zombicide Invader: 3D Doors

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There are countless doors in the Various mining bases all across PKL7. Normally, they'll just open whenever someone walks by; however, with the xenos invasion happening, the survivors have learned to lock them down tight. They can provide some respite, but the aliens are determined to get at their Prey and have become adept at simply smashing their way through.

The 3D doors set for zombicide: invader gives players a new aesthetic way to enhance their games. It contains 11 doors total. There's five grey and one each of pink, white, blue, purple, green, and yellow. Since most doors start open in a game of zombicide: invader but can be locked by players or smashed by the xenos, the door can be placed in either its closed position, or folded down to show that the aliens have crashed their way through it.

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